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If you have only just discovered the Patienthealthyself website – welcome along! With so many new visitors, it’s perhaps worth adding in a reminder of just how you can keep in touch with us across the internet.

First off, you can visit the site. Hopefully we’ll be here 24/7. But if you don’t get chance, we’ll bring the site to you in other ways:

1. The Patienthealthyself Newsletter:

We try and get a newsletter out every week if possible. It’s a mix of the houses featured in the past seven days or so, some design bits and pieces and perhaps a couple of things we haven’t had chance to feature.

If you want it, see the right hand side of the page to sign up (if you are on desktop) or scroll down the page if you are in a mobile device for the sign-up box.

2. Facebook:

Yes, we are on Facebook and we will let you know as soon as a new property or feature is added. Perhaps some other things too, depending on how the mood takes us and of course, you can message us. We are at:

3. Twitter:

Just like Facebook, we keep in top of the new finds on Twitter, post other finds and of course, we are always around for a chat too. Our Twitter is .

4. Instagram:

We have taken a while to get up to speed with Instagram, but we are on it now in full effect, with new finds and other lovely imagery a key part of it. Follow us, we would love to see you there. Find us at @wowhauser or via:

5. Pinterest:

Another network we have been on for a good while and it has been very popular. If you love Pinterest, be great to see you at:

6. Good old email:

If you just want to ask us a question, recommend a house finds (we are always keen to see new finds) or need to know anything at all, just get in touch via the site. You can find our details right here.

That’s it, speak soon!